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    Ehrhardt's Modellbau since 1919

    Specialised facility for design and manufacture of foundry patterns in wood

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    Ehrhardts Modellbau GmbH

Welcome to our pattern production facility

We design and produce foundry patterns with the help of the latest technologies such as CAD/CAM and CNC. Before and during execution of your order, we are always available to you to clarify and document all technical issues as needed.

We can supply almost any type or size of pattern you require – thanks to the long experience of our technicians.

Foundry patterns made by professionals!


History of our company

Ehrhardt´s Modellbau was started in 1919 by Master Craftsman Bruno Ehrhardt. From 1954 to 1977, his daughter, Mrs. Ilse Ehrhardt, managed the company. In 1977, Mr. Herbert Goldbach, who had worked in the firm for long years, took over the company. Mr. Juergen Goldbach, son of Herbert Goldbach, has been General Manager since 1996. Juergen Goldbach is a Certified Master Patternmaker and a sworn assessor at the Chamber of Crafts in Dusseldorf, Germany.

A long tradition in foundry pattern production


Foundry patters by Ehrhardt´s Modellbau

Our highly-skilled workers design and produce patterns for iron and steel foundries. Typical applications are for turbine housings, engine cylinder blocks and heads, pump housings, large cylinders, machine-tool castings, ingot moulds and others.

  • We supply patterns not only for traditional hand moulding,
  • but also for machine moulding lines (DISAMATIC and other).

To make you a rapid quotation, we only require a 2-D or 3-D drawing as an electronic or printed file.

Mit Senden der Anfrage willigen Sie ein von uns kontaktiert zu werden. Es gelten unsere Datenschutzbedingungen.

Ehrhardts Modellbau GmbH

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